Thursday, October 18, 2007

O History, Part I

For some reason, lately I've been thinking about how John and I ended up together. (Well, obviously because of GOD, but the details, I mean.) Looking back through my journals, I tried to find the first mention of John. Found it in Volume 15, on Monday, January 19, 2004. (I had met John long before that, but being busy with teaching, my journaling was few and far between at times.) With today being our 2-year-and-10-month anniversary, I thought it would be fun to look back.... From the journal:

Too much to write about, as usual.

Last Sunday, I went on a sort of not really double date: me, Dan & Laurie Gates, and John Ottinger. A few weeks/months ago, I bought John's extra ticket to Phantom of the Opera. We are carpooling with Mary and her parents (and Mary has a boyfriend, Paul!). So the Gates and John and I went out to dinner, then to hear a lecture by author Richard Lederer. We had a lot of fun. John's birthday was the next day. He turned 24, making him a little more than 3 years younger than me.

So I thought about him all week. He doesn't go to TNBS [the name of the singles' group at the time, Tuesday Night Bible Study] because he goes to 2 different Bible studies on Mondays & Wednesdays. This means I see him once a week. He teaches 5th-6th grade reading at Covenant's school but acts like an English major [smiley face].

I keep thinking about the whole dating thing. My main complaint is that he probably makes about $10,000 less than I do, at least. I said I'd never marry a teacher, which I'd be willing to change, but marry one who's way poorer than I am??!

But who am I to dictate to God, the Master Planner.

So yesterday I had everyone come over for lunch [at my apartment]. Later on, Mary, Paul, Elizabeth, John, and I went to the King's Brass concert last night, where I sat next to John. [Naturally, I was a little late, and found John waiting outside for me to show me where everyone was sitting.] Then we went to Steak 'N Shake, where I sat down first and John sat next to me. Then we went to my house to play a cool game of Paul's [Apples to Apples], which helps if you really know the people well who are playing it. John and I practically read each other's minds. Then we all went to see Mona Lisa Smile (10 p.m. show) because John said he LIKED chick flicks. I had gone to the restroom with Mary, and the boys had already sat down in the theater. Choice? Sit beside Mary on one end or John on the other. Hm. Sat next to John.

From some of his comments during the movie, I got to know him better (did the whole day of course. It occurred to me that I practically spent the whole day with him). I had told Mary a long time ago, repeatedly, that I thought it appeared that John "does not have a romantic bone in his body." Well ... again, with the movie.... Basically, I deduced that the boy is probably a hidden well of sentimentality and romance, which he hides under a cynical, sarcastic exterior. Hm.

So last night after the King's Brass concert, each time we got into our respective cars and drove to the next place, I totally wanted to bawl my eyes out. Seriously, I was holding back tears in the car. Mary and I got to the movie theater first, and I looked at her and she could see it all over my face. She hugged me and kept saying, "It's ok." I am such a loser. She's very patient and understanding.

Also, during the course of the day, John suggested 2 other potential outings for us (him & me): seeing Noises Off at the Henegar Center and going to his house to watch Pride and Prejudice (a 6-hour version). How can a guy who loves Jane Austen and "period dramas," as he calls them, not know about romance?? I don't know why I'm so stuck on this.

So yesterday there was A LOT of praying. "What is happening, God?? Please CALM ME DOWN!!"

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Sarah Cross said...

I love rethinking the first time Marky and I met... as you said, it was definitely God working his good.

I was looking at the photos of you and John from 2004 on the dock. Very awesome shots!

John (Grasping for the Wind) said...

This is very sweet. Now I understand why you cried a little better. You told me, but I never really understood it.

So, am I romantic enough for you now? ;-)

babiesforRuby said...

ooh, an inside look. I love it! Not many people would be brave enough to put their journallings about a boy up...and yeah, always knew otter wasn't so cynical and sarcastic on the inside :) Man was he mushy over you from the start (when he wasn't around you??)
making me relive some of our dating days

Jane Eyre said...

Sarah, my friend Kelly took those photos for us. She's awesome, and trying to get into professional photography. =)