Friday, February 18, 2011

Vegetable Garbonzo Wrap

What a blah name for a great meal! I instantly became addicted to this. It was pretty easy to prepare and DELISH! Not to mention healthy, incredibly filling, and yummy. Recipe from Eat For Health by Joel Fuhrman.

Serves: 4 (so the book says, but we got 6-7 wraps out of it; probably depends on how large your wraps are - we just used large tortillas rather than huge wraps)

Prep Time: 20 minutes

1 large tomato, chopped
1 avocado, chopped (I used to hate avocadoes; I'm now a convert!)
1 cucumber, chopped
4 leaves romaine lettuce, shredded
1 15-oz. can garbonzo beans (low or no salt), drained and mashed (though I didn't mash them)
2 T fruit-flavored vinegar (I used 3T because the flavor was so faint; I think I used a pomegranate or blueberry vinegar)
4 whole grain tortillas (again, we used large ones, but not "wraps")
1/2 T raw sesame tahini (I didn't measure, I just slathered it on)

1. Chop vegetables
2. Toss vegetables with garbonzo beans and vinegar
3. Warm a whole grain tortilla, spread a thin coating (I did thick!) of tahini on it, and roll with the vegetable/bean mixture.

If you want to make these for lunch the next day, obviously you can skip the "warm tortillas" step. I went ahead and made the leftover veg mixture into more wraps for lunches. You'll need to use saran/cling wrap to keep it together instead of a sealed bag. (Think of how Moe's wraps their stuff.)

One serving contains:
Calories 555.8; Protein 20.7g; Carbohydrate 84.8g; Fat 16.9g; Sodium 364.4mg
And before you go thinking, "holy cats that is a ton of calories/protein/etc." remember that (1) this is VERY filling - you eat one or two of these and you'll be stuffed and not eat anything else for a LONG time, and (2) the only processed part of this meal is the tortillas. It's HEALTHY and pure, for heaven's sake!

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